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Schools First Aid, Ballyhass Mallow

  • Suitable Ages 16 yrs +

  • Course Length 3 Hours - 3 Days

  • Accreditation PHECC

  • Location We Come To You

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Group First Aid Program by Team Ballyhass: Tailored, Affordable, & Adventure-Driven

Certified by: PHECC (Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council)

Our Legacy: Since 1999, Team Ballyhass has been at the forefront of exceptional outdoor team-building events, introducing the thrill of adventure to countless students. With an ever-growing team of over 120 members each season, we've recognized and nurtured the potential within by transforming our seasoned instructors into proficient trainers.

Why Choose Us:

Expertise from Adventure: Born from an adventure background, we don't just teach first aid, we adapt it. Whether you're a group of thrill-seeking students or a corporate team, we adjust our courses to resonate with the audience in front of us. Every session is curated to be as informative as it is engaging, ensuring learning isn't just by rote, but also by experience.

Affordable Excellence: In a world where quality often comes at a premium, we stand out. Our commitment is to offer top-tier first aid courses at prices that are hard to beat. And for those seeking more, we even provide bundled packages combining our courses with exhilarating group activities.

Versatility: We're not just limited to training internally. Schools, corporate groups, and other organizations in Cork can now benefit from our specialized first aid programs.

Engaging & Entertaining Learning Experience: Drawing from our adventure roots, we prioritize making each course lively and memorable. It's not just about first aid; it's about crafting an experience. With us, you learn, you laugh, and you remember.

Packages: Whether you're seeking standalone first aid courses or wish to integrate them with our famed group activities, we offer competitive rates tailored to your needs. We offer discounted packages for groups taking part in adventure activites and first aid courses. 

Prepare, protect, and provide with Team Ballyhass: Where first aid meets adventure.

All of our First Aid Trainers are qualified to deliver first aid courses by PHECC. The council set the standards for education and training for pre-hospital emergency care in Ireland. They publish the practical guideline (CPGs) and recognise institutions to provide training and education

4-Hour Basic First Aid for Students: Empowerment Through Essential Skills

Understanding the importance of early intervention during emergencies, we've designed a special 4-hour First Aid course tailored specifically for students. This compact yet comprehensive program equips them with the skills to act promptly and confidently in case of an accident or medical emergency, be it at school or home.

Course Highlights:

  • CPR: Learn the life-saving techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, ensuring you're prepared to help when every second counts.
  • Recovery Position: Understand the correct way to position someone who is unconscious but breathing, safeguarding their well-being until professional help arrives.
  • Use of an AED: Familiarize yourself with the Automated External Defibrillator, a crucial tool in resuscitating someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Heart Attack: Recognize the early signs and the immediate actions to take, ensuring the highest chance of survival.
  • Choking: Gain hands-on experience on how to help someone who is choking, a skill that can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Stroke: Understand how to identify and react to this medical emergency, potentially preventing long-term damage or disability.


Special Mention: Transition Year Students

While this course is beneficial for all students, it finds particular resonance with Transition Year students. We firmly advocate that as many students as possible graduate with a foundational knowledge of First Aid and CPR. Equip your child with skills that can save a life; it's an investment in their safety and that of those around them.

First Aid Responder (FAR) Course: Setting the Benchmark in Workplace First Aid Training

Spanning three intensive days, the PHECC FAR course stands as a beacon of excellence in first aid training. It's more than just a course; it's an acknowledgement of the importance of rapid, competent response in emergencies. Recognized by the Health and Safety Authority, this course is the gold standard for first aid in the workplace, fulfilling all the requirements as per the Safety, Health, and Welfare at work regulations. Furthermore, the Child and Family Agency (TUSLA) identifies the FAR course as the benchmark in child care standards.

Course Modules:

  • Well Being of the First Aid Responder: Equip yourself with the skills to ensure the responder's mental and physical well-being during and after emergencies.
  • Cardiac First Response (CPR/AED): Dive deep into lifesaving techniques with hands-on cardiopulmonary resuscitation training and AED usage.
  • Communication: Understand the importance of clear, effective communication during emergencies, ensuring seamless coordination.
  • Common Medical Emergencies: Identify and manage prevalent medical crises with confidence and precision.
  • Information Management: Learn the protocols to record and relay crucial information, a key component in comprehensive care.
  • Injury Management & Shock: Address injuries with the right techniques and handle shock situations, ensuring patient stability.
  • Patient Assessment: Master the skills to conduct thorough patient evaluations, ensuring appropriate care and management.
  • Care of Unconscious Patient: Immerse yourself in the protocols to manage unconscious individuals, prioritizing their safety and recovery.
  • Incident Procedures: Get a holistic understanding of managing emergencies, right from the initial assessment to handover to medical professionals.
  • Burns & Electrical Injury Care: Equip yourself with specialized knowledge to handle burns and electrical injuries, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
  • Hypothermia & Hyperthermia: Dive into the intricacies of managing extreme temperature-related conditions, ensuring patient stability and recovery.

Step into a world where every second counts, and every action can make a difference. With the First Aid Responder Course, you're not just learning; you're empowering yourself to make a meaningful difference when it matters most.

1. Location Flexibility: Can the course be conducted at Ballyhass, or do you provide off-site training?

Answer: Absolutely, we offer both options! You can either come down to our fully-equipped facility at Ballyhass, or we can bring our expertise directly to your school or business. Please note, if we conduct the training at your location, there will be a nominal daily off-site operational fee to cover our external expenses.

2. Course Capacity: How many participants can enroll in a single course?

Answer: We ensure quality training, so we accept up to 24 students per course. If your group exceeds this number, don't worry! We'll split the training across multiple days to accommodate everyone.

3. Age Requirements: What is the suitable age group for this course?

Answer: The First Aid Responder Course is tailored for secondary school students and those older. It's designed to cater to the learning needs of this age bracket, ensuring comprehensive understanding and skill mastery.

4. Course Scheduling: When do you typically run these courses, and can the timing be flexible?

Answer: We prioritize your convenience. While our first aid courses are generally conducted between November and March each year, we're more than willing to coordinate with you to find times and dates that fit seamlessly into your schedule.

5. Course Recognition: Is the First Aid Responder Course recognized by any official bodies?

Answer: Yes, the PHECC FAR course is recognized by the Health and Safety Authority as the standard for first aid at work. Additionally, the Child and Family Agency (TUSLA) acknowledges FAR as the standard for child care. This ensures that you are receiving top-tier training aligned with the industry's best practices.

6. Group Packages: Do you offer any special rates for group bookings or bundled activities?

Answer: Absolutely! We provide competitive rates and can customize a package based on your requirements. Whether you're looking for standalone first aid training or combining it with group activities, we'll work with you to offer the best value.

7. Course Content: Does the course cover real-life scenarios, especially those that may arise in outdoor or adventure settings?

Answer: Given our strong background in outdoor adventure and team building, our course is designed to address a variety of scenarios, including those that may arise in outdoor settings. We ensure a comprehensive learning experience, blending theory with practical exercises.

8. Renewal & Certification: How often does the First Aid certification need to be renewed?

Answer: Regular renewal ensures that your skills remain up-to-date. Specific renewal requirements can vary, so it's best to refer to your certification or contact us directly for detailed information.

9. Adaptability: How do you adjust the course content to match the participants' backgrounds, especially since you come from an adventure perspective?

Answer: We pride ourselves on our adaptability. By understanding our audience – be it students, corporate teams, or outdoor enthusiasts – we tweak our course delivery to make it as engaging and relevant as possible. Our aim is to deliver information in a manner that resonates, ensuring both retention and applicability.

Remember, with our First Aid Responder Course, it's not just about acquiring skills; it's about building confidence, competence, and compassion in every emergency situation. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any more queries!


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