Workplace First Aid Course - Cork, Ireland


Workplace First Aid, Ballyhass Mallow

  • Suitable Ages 16 yrs +

  • Course Length 3 Days

  • Accreditation EMTS

  • Accreditation PHECC

  • Location We Come To You

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Workplace First Aid by Team Ballyhass: Comprehensive, Adventure-Infused, & Tailored for Professionals

Certified by: PHECC (Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council) and EMTS

Our Legacy: For over two decades, Team Ballyhass has championed the spirit of outdoor adventure. From forging exceptional outdoor team-building events to evolving with a robust team exceeding 120 members each season, we've been pioneers in innovatively integrating adventure with essential skills. Today, our legacy of adventure fuels our mission to bring unparalleled first aid training to workplaces.


Fast Facts: The Ballyhass Distinction in Workplace First Aid

  • Time-Tested Expertise: A three-day course backed by two decades of Ballyhass excellence.
  • Personalized Training: Limited to 8 participants, guaranteeing focused, individualized attention.
  • Aligning with Standards: TUSLA & HSA-approved, and proudly a PHECC-endorsed course.
  • Significant Safety Impact: Our approach is aiming to reduce serious workplace injuries by up to 70%.


Why Choose Us:

Blending Adventure with Professionalism: Drawing from our rich adventure background, we've crafted a first aid training program that combines the unpredictability of the great outdoors with real-world workplace scenarios. This unique blend ensures your team is trained not just in theory but in instinctive response.

Value Without Compromise: Quality doesn't always demand a premium. Our on-site First Aid Responder (FAR) courses are designed to deliver excellence without straining your budget. Plus, with the potential to save up to €600, we ensure the best for less.

Tailored Training: We recognize that every workplace is unique. Our instructors, certified by EMTS and backed by PHECC, are skilled in adapting the course content to resonate with the specific needs and scenarios of your industry.

Engagement Beyond The Ordinary: We believe learning sticks best when it's an experience. Our sessions are designed to be as engaging as they are informative, ensuring that your team doesn't just learn, but they remember and apply.

Convenience Amplified: We come to you. Our commitment is to facilitate training in your familiar environment, ensuring comfort, relevance, and ease of logistics. Your workplace, our expertise – a match for safety excellence.

Empower Your Workforce with Outdoor Training Academy: Elevate workplace safety with first aid training that's both adventure-infused and meticulously tailored for professionals.


Our comprehensive training program meticulously covers all facets of first aid, ensuring participants leave equipped, confident, and ready to act in the face of emergencies. Here's what this course offers:

1.Communication: Learn how to effectively convey critical information during emergencies and understand the significance of maintaining calm during communication.

2.Information Management: Acquire skills to systematically collect, process, and relay important details, ensuring that no crucial information is overlooked during high-pressure situations.

3.Patient Assessment: Master the art of quickly and effectively evaluating a patient's condition, which forms the cornerstone of every successful emergency response.

4.Incident Procedures: Get hands-on knowledge of the standard procedures to be followed during various emergencies, enabling a swift and structured response.

5.Cardiac First Response (CPR/AED): Dive deep into life-saving techniques such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the use of Automated External Defibrillators.

6.Common Medical Emergencies: Understand and respond to prevalent emergencies, from seizures to allergic reactions, ensuring a broad spectrum of preparedness.

7.Injury Management & Shock: Learn to tackle injuries, from minor wounds to fractures, and deal with shock – a common post-injury complication.

8.Care of an Unconscious Patient: Equip yourself with techniques and knowledge essential for handling patients who are unresponsive.

9.Burns & Electrical Injury Care: Gain expertise in treating burns of various degrees, and understand the nuances of handling electrical injuries.

10.Hypothermia & Hyperthermia: Recognize, prevent, and manage temperature-related emergencies, ensuring safety in diverse environmental conditions.

11.Well-Being of the First Aid Responder: Emphasizing the importance of self-care, this section imparts knowledge on how first aid responders can ensure their own well-being while aiding others.

With the Outdoor Training Academy, participants aren’t just trained; they’re transformed into confident first responders, ready to tackle emergencies with precision and poise.

Who Should Enroll in Our Workplace First Aid Course?

In a professional setting, emergencies can strike without warning. Being prepared isn't just about having the right equipment but the right skills. Our course is crafted to cater to a broad audience, ensuring a safer and more responsive workplace.

1. Employees: If you work in an environment where accidents might occur, or if you're simply eager to become a more prepared and responsible member of your workplace community, this course is for you.

2. Managers & Supervisors: Leading a team comes with added responsibilities. Equip yourself with the skills to protect and care for your team members when they need it most.

3. Health & Safety Officers: Enhance your portfolio and ensure you're up-to-date with the latest first aid techniques and knowledge tailored for a professional setting.

4. Caretakers & Custodians: If you're responsible for the well-being of individuals, be it in a school, retirement home, or any other institution, our training ensures you're always ready to respond.

5. On-Site Professionals: For those in industries like construction, manufacturing, or any field that comes with its unique set of risks, our course offers specialized knowledge to tackle emergencies pertinent to these environments.

6. Educational Staff: Teachers, counselors, and other staff members in educational institutions can greatly benefit, ensuring the safety of students and colleagues alike.

7. Anyone & Everyone: In truth, the skills imparted in this course are universally essential. Whether you find yourself in a high-risk environment or a standard office, being trained in first aid is an invaluable asset.

Outdoor Training Academy Workplace First Aid isn't just a course; it's a commitment to fostering safer, more responsive work environments across various industries. Whether you’re directly involved in safety protocols or simply wish to be a responsible member of your community, this training is designed for you.

This course is normally €250 per person 

We run the Private Hire course for €1400 total for 8 people.

That's a saving of €75 per person!

As this is a Private Hire we can come to you on dates that suit your team the best! 

Email and let us know how we can help.

1. How long is this certification valid for?

The certification is valid for two years.

2. How long is this course?

The course spans three full days, totaling 18 hours of instruction and practical application.

3. What if I want to renew my FAR certification?

If you're renewing your FAR certification, you must complete a two-day refresher course.

4. What's the maximum group size for this course?

Our FAR instructors can efficiently train up to a maximum of 8 people per course.

5. Do I need any prior knowledge or experience to take this course?

No prior first aid experience is necessary. Our course is designed to cater to both beginners and those with some foundational knowledge.

6. Is this course suitable for all industries?

Absolutely! While the principles of first aid remain consistent, our experienced instructors adjust scenarios and examples to be relevant to diverse professional settings.

7. Can you tailor the course to the specific needs of our industry?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our adaptability. Please discuss your industry-specific requirements with our team, and we'll ensure that the course resonates with your particular environment.

8. What materials or equipment should I bring to the course?

All necessary materials and equipment will be provided by Team Ballyhass. However, we recommend bringing a notebook and pen for taking notes.

9. In the event of an emergency, will this course enable me to be a primary responder?

While our course equips you with comprehensive first aid skills, always ensure you call professional medical assistance in the event of serious emergencies. The training is designed to provide initial response and care until professional help arrives.

10. How can I register or inquire about upcoming courses?

Simply email us at or call us on (022) 27773 for more details and to register.

Why Choose Outdoor Training Academy for Your Corporate First Aid Needs?

The unpredictability of the great outdoors has long been a teacher of life's most valuable lessons. At Ballyhass and the Outdoor Training Academy (OTA), we integrate this dynamic unpredictability into our training modules, designing a course that authentically replicates the unpredictability of genuine emergencies. This ensures that your team is not just technically equipped, but also instinctively ready for the unforeseen.

Our legacy in outdoor adventures is not just an interesting backstory; it's the crux of our training distinction. With us, first aid training doesn't merely end with knowledge acquisition; it evolves into an immersive culture of safety, rapid responsiveness, and unparalleled readiness.

OTA's Training Philosophy: ADVENTURE in Learning for All Industries

Adapt, Adjust, Accommodate: We teach universal skills like adaptability, resilience, and resourcefulness, relevant across diverse professional landscapes.

Deliver the Best Experience: Our industry-agnostic training ensures applicability from healthcare to tech, from retail to tourism.

Validated Frameworks: Partnering with National Governing Bodies and industry experts, we offer recognized, industry-relevant certifications.

Empowerment through Challenge: Embracing "challenge by choice," we push boundaries while respecting individual potential.

Nurturing Communities: Our ethos extends beyond outdoor bonding, promoting industry-wide professional networks committed to excellence.

Transparency & Openness: We champion transparent methodologies, fostering trust and driving innovation.

Unwavering Safety Commitment: From outdoor trails to corporate halls, safety remains paramount in our instruction.

Respect for Environment: As a B Corp certified company, we advocate for environmental responsibility across sectors.

Enthusiasm in Learning: We believe in making learning an exhilarating journey, ensuring it's as enriching as it is enlightening.

OTA's ADVENTURE philosophy resonates deeply with Ballyhass' legacy in outdoor adventure. We warmly invite professionals across sectors to join this transformative journey. With OTA, embark on an ADVENTURE that seamlessly aligns personal growth with professional excellence.

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